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Welcome to Pre-View Cars. We are your one stop shop for your car. In 2003 I started to buy and sell cars at first as a hobby but after the first few cars it became more of a business.

I spent a lot more time making sure the cars I sold were perfect mechanically as well as looking in perfect condition. I never had a car ever come back because everything was repaired.

Now all my freinds said why are you doing that it's only slightly worn. I always used to say to them. If it needs doing in the near future why leave it to fail. Reputation is the key to sales.

Anyway, in 2006 I decided that it was time to get a garage instead of my office and make use of all I the knowledge. I opened up at Foxhunters and started repairing more then selling.

In 2012 the car sales market took a tumble again, I changed over to full time repairs. Thats the same now, I plan to go back to car sales if the sales market ever improves, thanks bankers.

I am the Honest Chap, I check out the faults your car may have and I tell you what we will have to do to fix it. Its up to you what you want me to fix.